Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt

In celebration of 150 years of production, Jack Daniel’s is inviting its fans to play what may become the world’s largest party game. The Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt offers a unique opportunity to engage with internationally famous brand. As of the publishing of this piece, 34 of the 150 Jack Daniel’s barrels have been released and discovered from Lynchburg to London. Follow the hunt on the official Jack Daniel’s Facebook page for clues on the upcoming drops.

So what’s inside the barrels? Well, we hate to spoil it for you, but no booze will be found. This will no doubt come as a disappointment to the those citizens of the 170 various countries that sell Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. But the consolation prizes are still pretty motivating – commemorative barware and barrelhead art.

Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt - Barware Kit
Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt – Barware Kit

Seven of the 150 barrels will be hidden in the United States, 2 being stashed in Lynchburg. Other US cities to include: NYC, LA, Chicago, Austin, and Nashville. Each locale will also contribute an item or two to the barware set. One lucky hunter may even find airline tickets to join a private Jack Daniel’s celebration in Tennessee in early October. If you find yourself in one of the selected cities, keep your eyes peeled for an aged, oak barrel marked with that famous Jack Daniels logo. Happy hunting!

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